Topsim - Gamification Day 2016

Gamified Corporate Learning – what lies beneath this MEGATREND?

We invite you to join the discussion on this trending topic at our TOPSIM - Gamification Day on December, 14 2016 in Frankfurt.

Interesting keynotes and workshops on how to implement Gamification elements in different business units will provide valuable input. Also we will demonstrate how management simulations can be used as a tool to integrate Gamification in your business.

Agenda of the TOPSIM - Gamification Day


We look forward to seeing you at TOPSIM - Gamification Day December, 14 2016!



The event will take place at 
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To catch a glimpse of our work in this field, have a look at our latest Whitepaper „Gamified corporate learning through simulations“(PDF).


Customer Success Stories

  • The Customer

    The family-run company Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG is the global market leader in cleaning technology.

    The Customer‘s Challenge

    Kärcher and TATA Interactive Systems developed an individual training concept in order to improve the employees’ understanding of company’s strategic focus.

    Participants are given the opportunity to experience the company’s strategy at first hand and to develop strategic initiatives on their own as well as to identify the consequences of their actions. The anticipation of future challenges is an important part of the training. The developed management simulation is customized to Kärcher’s specific business areas, target groups and strategy of the company. 

    Our Solution

    In the workshop, participants take over the management of a virtual company over four periods, each simulating one business year. They decide on a strategy and the products’ main aspects from a customer perspective.
    The main indicators of success are based not only on psychological empathy, but also well-founded forecast of the customers’ and competitors’ dynamics.

    The Added-Value for the Customer

    Such an innovative training approach enhances the understanding of Kärcher’s corporate strategy, simulates different opportunities for action and stimulates knowledge sharing.

    Initiatives that have been developed during the Workshop were already implemented into Kärcher’s strategy.

  • The Cooperation Partner

    “Bayerische Eliteakademie” offers outstanding and committed students at Bavarian universities the opportunity to gain valuable expertise in addition to their studies through diverse programs. These programs prepare them for executive functions in their future working life.

    The Challenge

    Corporate social responsibility is continuously gaining importance both theory and in practice. To explain to students interactions between sustainability issues and economic success, a seminar concept with the TOPSIM – Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) simulation has been developed by “Bayrische Eliteakademie” and TATA Interactive Systems.

    Our Solution

    During the corporate social responsibility seminar participants find themselves in a virtual company confronted with the challenge to combine ecological sustainability and social responsibility with economic factors. The participants have to implement within their economic decision making their individual CSR-strategy.  Through a CSR rating agency the different sustainability strategies are assessed and compared between groups.

    The Added-Value

    Through the use of TOPSIM – CSR, realistic basic concepts of corporate social responsibility have been conveyed to the students. The gaming seminar gives students the possibility to reflect the topic of sustainability in theory and practice as well as to understand and to apply abstract concepts.

  • The Customer

    The Professional Golfers‘ Association (PGA) of America represents over 27,000 members, making it the largest sports organization in the world. It is responsible for the development of Golf Professionals, as well as the organization of many successful tournaments, including the Ryder Cup and the PGA Championship. 

    The Customer‘s Challenge

    Due to decrease in golf participation rates and oversupply of Golf courses, the financial performance of many Golf facilities has declined in recent years. The Golf industry is facing an urgent need to develop business acumen, sales & marketing, and leadership skills of Golf Professionals. There is also a strong need to retain talent by creating opportunities of development within the industry.

    Our Solution

    TATA Interactive Systems supported PGA by first identifying the learning needs. Based on the findings, TATA Interactive Systems developed several single-player simulations (30-60 minutes of learning time) as well as a TOPSIM  multiplayer business simulation (1-2 days of learning time), in cooperation with PGA experts. 

    In the TOPSIM Simulation, participants take over the management of a golf facility, making decisions about sales & marketing, product offers, operations, people development and finance over several simulated years. The goal within the simulation is to grow the top- and bottom-line of the Golf facility in a sustainable manner by developing loyal & satisfied customers, and by deft and nimble management of all aspects of business.

    The Added-Value for the Customer

    The simulation will be rolled out for every member in 2015. Thus it will become a part of the training curriculum for the PGA of America and its 27,000 members.

  • The Customer

    Simba, a manufacturer of potato chips and part of the PepsiCo Group, is one of the most popular and best-known brands in South Africa.

    The Customer‘s Challenge

    The aim of PepsiCo Snacks is to double their business activities by 2020. To prepare the managers for this task, it was necessary to comprehensively strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, a multi-day training program was planned to shift their perspective away from a transactional outlook to a more strategic mindset.

    Our Solution

    A four-day training concept, supported by the management simulation TOPSIM - General Management, was the kick-off of the strategic initiative. The training focused on the implementation of corporate strategies, supply chain- and innovation management. Following this, the participants developed and implemented company-wide projects over a period of nine months. Throughout the project, they were actively supported by mentors.

    The Added-Value for the Customer

    The training program enabled the executives of Simba to further enhance their understanding of the corporate strategy and their entrepreneurial skills. The ideas that were developed in the project phase have already been implemented and have shown initial success in the form of significant sales growth (e.g. + 5% growth in their low-income target group) and significant cost reductions.

  • The Customer

    “WirtschaftsWoche” is Germany’s leading business magazine with over one million readers and is a part of Handelsblatt publishing Group.

    The Customer‘s Challenge

    In order to increase brand knowledge in the target group of “Young Professionals” and to generate readership growth, WirtschaftsWoche decided to run an innovative online competition “WirtschaftsWoche ManagementCup” in cooperation with TATA Interactive Systems. Since 2012, it takes places once a year over nine weeks and is accessible free of charge for all those who are interested in participating. 


    In the business simulation participants take control over the profit centres and have to launch a unique product innovation. Future-oriented technology plays an important role in the simulation and strategic decisions concerning R&D, marketing, HR, production, CSR and sustainability must be made. The user interface has been created in HTML 5 and is compatible with mobile devices.

    The Added-Value for the Customer

    More than 21,000 participants from more than 260 universities and 300 companies participated in the contest over the past three years. In particular, the target group of 20 to 29 years old could be reached.

Value Propositions of our management Simulation

  • Practically relevant experience

    In TOPSIM – Seminars the participants take over the seat of the management board. They are responsible to run a virtual company with realistic challenges and demanding decisions. This hands-on learning approach leads to a sustainable understanding of business topics.

  • Holistic thinking and acting

    Management Simulations open up the perspective for an holistic understanding. Participants break-up their silo thinking and learn about the internal and external success factors.

  • Tailor-made Solutions

    Customize your simulation solution by integrating your Corporate Design, by creating your own seminar concept along a standardized Business Game or by developing your own business simulation.


Who is TATA Interactive Systems?


  • We are a company acting successfully worldwide in the field of multimedia learning and draw upon almost 35 years of experience.
  • Over 150 companies of which 70 percent are DAX companies, as well as 300 higher education institutions in Germany  implement our management simulations.
  • Over 1 Million satisfied participants and more than 1800 certified management simulation experts.
  • Besides management simulations we also offer additional learning solutions such as business games individual E-learning, mobile learning, Serious Games and animation

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